Antmar is a young and dynamic company specialized in sourcing Turkish Natural Stone products including tiles, slabs, mosaics together with custom decorative accents and architectural project elements. Antmar Team and Philosophy in Summary: -In-depth stone expertise, quarrying and processing know-how together with global stone market intelligence -A refined and rich product portfolio encompassing essentials, value products as well as exquisite items on the innovative and creative frontier -Well developed knowledge of stone marketing and distribution. Experience and skill set to serve the different merchandising and packaging needs of various channels including big box retailers, distributors, chain stores and independent players. -Sourcing network of specialized, adept and dependable manufacturers dispersed across the country according to the mineral reserves -Team of experienced and expert engineers who carry out a through and systematic product inspection at production site to accomplish quality assurance and standardization -Operate own warehouse enabling us to custom package and consolidate goods on a crate or pallet level

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